Thursday, May 21, 2015

My baby is ONE! whaaaaaa! :(

Well it's been a while. About 7 months I think seeing as the last time I updated was when I told you the joyous news of being pregnant. I know, I know. You have been like "WHY, CAMILLE WHY? Why haven't you updated in so long? I need some of you in my life!" Well let me tell you, this mom of 2 boys thing is rough. I am what you call tired. I am a "mama" to 22 kids from 7am to 3pm and then come home and can barely keep up with these boys. Cambric is my CrAzY child who we call our "gogo" boy because he is always on the go. I believed that because Aslan was so much calmer than Cambric in the womb that he would be calmer out in the real world....ya that's not true at all. He is adventurous to say the least. And whiney. Really really whiney. Did I mention he is whiney? But my goodness he is cute. I think I'll keep em.

There has been much talk lately about having another child. Are y'all people crazy? I know all you moms of 3+ kids are like "Camille is such a wimp. She doesn't even know what it's like to be tired. She only has 2 boys." That's right, I am a wimp. All y'all mama's of big families are awesome. Definitely more awesome than I ever want to me. :)

Well I decided to write tonight cause I have been weepy all day thinking about Aslan turning one tomorrow. Oh my goodness I am crying just because I wrote that last sentence. Anyways... I have been meaning to tell the birth story of Aslan so I would have record of it. I did with Cambric and I get it out from time to time and just bawl my head off. I would like to bawl reading Aslan's birth story too. I'm crazy like that. I'm not going to post it tonight because I just realized all the things I need to get done before tomorrow but I also didn't want to just post a random post to my board about pushing a baby out of my "hoo ha" because that would be a little awkward. So just be warned that you will see the birth story on here in the next day or so. And I'm sure you will cry....and by you I mean me.

While I have you here, let me update you on Aslan since he is ONE YEARS OLD TOMORROW! *Insert ugly cry.
He weighs 25lbs (a little heavier than C weighed at this age).
He is short and he has a large head (off the growth chart large)....but I think y'all could guess that. I'm sorry kid. You get it from your mama.
He doesn't say many words but "talks" constantly.
He has been crawling and pulling up since 6 months but he just started walking. Troy and I are believing that walking will only make his less whiney...I am sure he will prove us wrong.
He can hold his own with Cambric. And by hold his own, I mean I can already tell Aslan is going to run around the house chasing Cambric with a metal spatula one day like I did with my brothers.

In the world of Cambric:
Today he yelled and cried and said he didn't want to wear the clothes I got out for him. He said "I want to go to school naked!" You're welcome Daycare that Troy did not follow his wishes. Cambric is awesome with Aslan. Maybe too awesome. Today on the way home from Target I looked in my rearview mirror to see Cambric handing Aslan Cheetos to get him to stop crying. "Don't cry bubba, put this is you mouth." Oh and I am pretty sure Daycare wants to kill me for letting him watch Kung Fu Panda. He believes he is Po and want tons karate chop everyone he sees. When we were leaving school today his teacher said "No Kung Fu Panda tonight Cambric!" lol I have a feeling I'm going to be the parent all the teachers hate. Oh well. We are busy having fun! Last night he giggled and pointed at my breasts and asked what was in there. We had a discussion and after many "ewwws" and such, I am now "disgustin." Darling child of mine.

Alright well I am off to wash bottles. Be jealous. And tomorrow while you are feeling all happy, just picture me being a blubbering idiot.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Here we go again...

I know it's been quite sometime since I last updated. I changed grade levels this school year & the stress from it & a very active toddler have made the very little down time I get focused on sleep & recuperating from the day. Now as for my excuse as to why I didn't get to updating all summer while I was off, well I was just stinking lazy & that's all there is to it. But the time has come to post again & I think you'll be pleased I did so. I don't think my pictures (I just couldn't choose) need any explaining! ;)

We are truly very excited about this BIG surprise in our life. A friend from my mom group said "you are the last person I expected to become pregnant anytime soon" & boy did I think the same thing. Because of how much we struggled to get pregnant with Cambric, we know what a wonderful blessing this is. It is amazing how God works & as we have learned with both pregnancies, His plans are usually not our plans but they are the perfect plans. We are excited to see what God has in store for our growing family.

And I'm sure I'll get a lot of "what do you want the baby to be" questions so I'll go ahead & answer. Honestly, I don't care. I just want a healthy baby who will one day grow to love The Lord & serve him with his/her whole heart. I had a feeling with Cambric that he was a boy. I just knew. I don't feel anything yet with this one although I do keep calling "it" a he. I really would love for Cambric to have a brother. When I listen to my brothers banter back & forth, it only makes me want that for him even more, but I truly will be happy either way. There are no prayers here for a specific gender, just a specific healthy child of God.

Oh & our other prayer is about Cambric & that he'll transition ok. I know. I know. It will all work out but it's hard not being worried about your first baby & how they will handle it all. And it sure didn't help that the day after we found out, I picked him up from Little Hawks & they informed me that Cambric did not like babies. He had to go to the baby class due to their AC being out in his room & he was not a fan. I may have cried the whole way home...but now it makes me laugh so hard. We have whipped out momma's childhood baby doll in hopes that he will learn how to love on a baby. So far, he just throws the baby. But at least he's playing with it. ;)

 Hopefully the next time I update y'all it won't be when I'm having this child!

P.S. As I was getting out the computer to post, my child decided to get in the trash and get out the rootbeer bottle from last night's dinner and chug what was left in it. I will soon have double of this! ;) 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just a normal day in the Tuttle home

Well today has been interesting. Cambric has been having some tummy stuff going on so we went & saw a GI doctor (that's not what this post is about just the prologue). Well she asked us to get a stool sample. No big deal. I change his nasty poop diaper ALL the time. He's even pooped on me a few times...ok it's been more than a few times but who's counting? Anyways I definitely can do this whole stool sample thing.

Side note: She gave me gloves to use. Lady why on earth do I need gloves? I change my son everyday. Pretty much every time I change him I get a little poop on my finger. What's the big deal?

Anyways, I am SO lucky (sarcasm dripping from every word) that once we got home C had a massive poopy diaper. So massive it was coming out of his crack & getting on his shirt. I was excited. Man I just got home & I was already going to get to do this & get it out if the way. So I clean him off & take the diaper into my laboratory (bathroom) & begin the process.

Remember how I thought it was weird that lady gave me gloves? Ya, I was very thankful at that time that she did that. It's one thing to get a little poop on your fingers while changing a a WHOLE other thing to be digging around in it with a little wooden stick.

Side note: one of the issues with C is that he is not digesting his food. It comes out the same way it went in about 30 minutes later. Ya you know where I'm going with this.....

So anyways you fill up the tube to the line & THEN you have to mix it with the stick in the solution & shake vigorously. If your feeling ill right now please don't feel like your alone. My tummy wasn't feeling the greatest but I handled it. You know who couldn't? Yep you guessed. Troy started gagging the moment I got home & told him what we (I) had to do. As soon as I started shaking the tube it was all over. My big strong wonderful hubby threw up in his hands. Yep you read that right. I'M the one digging through poop & HE threw up. Men!!!
This is what happened while daddy was busy through up in his hands

Oh & here's another good one. Last week when C had diarrhea real bad it was making it hurt down in his little area. Every time I changed him he tried to grab his man stuff. So he of course would do this & I would have to clean his hands off cause sometimes he got stuff on them. Soooooooo this one time Troy is walking by & C has just grabbed himself & Troy hurries & grabs his hands. As I'm cleaning him up I look up to see Troy kissing all over Cambric's hands. Just as I'm about to tell him that he had just touched him wiener where there had been poop, Troy pops the WHOLE hand in his mouth. Lets just say I laughed a lot. Luckily Troy did too. Somehow he hardly gagged at that yet threw up when I was scooping the poop. What's up with that?

I can just hear my mom now..." Camille! Ewwww! Thanks for sharing but we did not need to know that."
Y'all know you wanna laugh. That's funny stuff right there. ;)

I would love to say that nights like tonight are a rarity but sadly I cannot. Actually I'm not sad about it one bit. We sure do have a lot of fun in our home & there is always laughter. What can I say? We are just turtley awesome....get it? Turtley - Turtle - Tuttle.
Oh come on that was good.yes I have become my father.

Oh & did I mention that earlier a diaper only filled 2 of 5 tubes. I still got some digging to do.

Trying out his Tarzan cloth diaper. Can anyone say STUD?